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How has AdSense changed the Internet?

AdSense changed the Internet Pay-per-click advertising has been around for the past many decades and has been more known for scams than for making money online. The introduction of Google AdSense changed the face of PPC advertising and it took ten years for Google to build a strong and reliable program like AdSense. We explore here how AdSense has changed the entire web in many ways that could not have been expected ten years ago.

Site creation

After seeing the initial success of AdSense, people started building websites solely to make money from AdSense. With Google integrating AdSense with its free blogging platform Blogger, it’s become very easy for people to start publishing sites and display ads from AdSense right away. All website building platforms have started offering integrated AdSense to encourage users to sign up and build websites on their platform. This provided a good platform for ordinary people to consider building a free site and start making money from the search engine giant. Here, more than just making money, Google’s credibility played a role in helping users navigate the scam-filled world of PPC.

After all, Google forced mechanisms such as site tenure, domain duration, and custom domain to get AdSense approved. But that doesn’t seem to discourage people from building sites to get AdSense approved. The main reason for the success of AdSense among small publishers is that they can earn some money from their online content in order to pay the domain registration fee and run their site on a convenient hosting.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites


AdSense changed the Internet Since AdSense became popular and reliable, there have been many sites with the concept of revenue sharing. There are many innovative ideas around revenue sharing mechanisms that try to target users who may not have time to build their own site. Basically, Google contacts sites to authorize them as revenue sharing partners, and these sites in turn have their own publisher revenue sharing rules. For example, some revenue sharing sites mix ad impression ratio with publisher ratio. The publisher will receive a portion of the clicks generated from their ads, and the revenue generated from the clicks generated from other ads will go to the site.

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Revolution in online advertising

Today it is very difficult to see a site without ads, and it has gotten to the point where people use an ad blocker or disable JavaScript to stop ads from showing up in the browser. Google AdSense has laid the foundation for every small startup to monetize their online content beyond learning their core business.

Undoubtedly, Google has taken on online advertising more specifically and confidently than any other company, and has also been able to shift its focus from traditional ads, newspaper and TV ads to relevant and interesting online advertising. Showing relevant ads makes a big difference with AdSense compared to a TV ad where there will be no ad and program content relevancy. Who knows, Google might also look to replace TV and offline advertising with some other innovative mechanism like AdSense.


Bulletin board

A few years before AdSense, Google launched the AdWords advertising program to show ads in search results. But search results are very different from displaying ads in the content of a relevant site. Advertisers can now design their ad campaigns and decide which keywords they want their ads to bid for and what ad size they prefer.

Unlike traditional prepaid advertising systems such as TV or newspaper ads, pay per click has a greater advantage for advertisers as they only pay if someone clicks on the ad. They also have the option to pay per thousand ad impressions.


Sell ​​ad space

After Google entered the world of PPC, publishers felt more confident and said they were creating more useful content than ever before. There are people who quit their full-time jobs and started earning decent money from a website to make a living. The lives of people who click on ads to get $0.0001 changed when they realized that a little more effort would get them a $1,000 check from Google. The main thing for a publisher is that he does not need to look for advertisers, and creating quality content is enough to create a platform for earning, and Google will do the rest through the integration of AdWords and AdSense.

The scenario even got better for publishers when they were able to choose the category of ads to show, block advertisers, and check the effectiveness of ads. This guarantees a quality relationship between publishers and advertisers from the old days, when advertisers decide anonymously what to do and ignore small publishers.

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