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Best Effective Google AdSense Ads

Effective Google AdSense Ads Google allows content ads, three link block ads, and two search boxes per page. Google has lifted the limit on content ads, but it should be proportional to the length of the content. Whether you’re running the maximum number of ads or less, choosing the right ad format is one of the main factors in increasing your income in the Google AdSense program. Although the choice of ad size depends on the type and layout of the site, there are recommended ads from Google that can improve click-through rates compared to other formats.

Where can I find recommended ad sizes?

When you create a new ad in your AdSense account, Google provides recommendations under ” Ad Size > Recommended “.


Featured Adsense Ads

Which AdSense ads are recommended?

Below is a list of the most effective Google AdSense ads:

728 x 90 full size banner

This is one of the best pre-sized ads for the desktop version of the site. You can place this ad above or below the content to match the layout. The problem with these promotional leaderboards is that they don’t fit on a mobile phone screen, resulting in a horizontal scroll bar that reduces the readability for users.

Responsive advertising

Google introduced the responsive ad format to address space issues and avoid having two different sets of ads for desktop and mobile. In the case of a 728 x 90 full size banner above, it is highly recommended to place a responsive ad unit that will display 728 x 90 ads on desktop and 468 x 60 or 310 x 100 banner ads on high end mobile devices.

With a large number of sites using responsive layout to avoid creating a separate mobile site, responsive ads are becoming more appropriate and popular these days. As the name suggests, these ads can only be used with a responsive site layout, not a fixed width layout.

Large skyscraper 300 x 600

This is the ideal ad size to place in the sidebar of a blog post with longer content. Because the size is larger, only one 300 x 600 pixel ad is allowed per page per AdSense policy. Google also lists 300 x 600 ads as one of the fastest growing ads in terms of impressions. Since most high-end mobile devices are 300px wide, this default ad size is also suitable for a mobile site.

300 x 250 medium rectangle

This is one of the most relevant ads and also a combination of a 728 x 90 full size banner which makes the site more attractive to users. It can be placed next to content or in the sidebar of a blog post that has less content. Medium 300 x 250 rectangular ads are also mobile-friendly by default.

336 x 280, larger rectangle

It looks like medium rectangular ads suitable for both content and sidebar. The larger ad rectangle (336 x 280) is not suitable for mobile layouts, so it is recommended mainly for the desktop version.

320 x 100 – large mobile banner

If you don’t have a responsive layout site, it’s hard to choose a separate ad set for desktop and mobile versions of your site. In addition to 300 x 250 or 300 x 600 ads, which are mobile-friendly by default, we recommend using a large 320 x 100 mobile banner designed exclusively for high-end mobile devices. It can be ideally placed above the fold to take up less space compared to placing a medium rectangle ad that will push the content too far on mobile.

Mobile advertising

Featured ads are identified with a mobile device icon to show compatibility with mobile layouts. Below are ad sizes from the above recommended mobile formats.

  • Responsive advertising
  • 300 x 250
  • 320 x 100
  • 300 x 600



The table below summarizes the recommended ads:

Ad size Description Text Ads Display advertising Mobile advertising
Responsive advertising Ads suitable for responsive sites
728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner
300 x 250 Medium Rectangular Ads
336 x 280 Large rectangular ads
300 x 600 big skyscraper
320 x 100 Large mobile banners



Google has made it easy and simple for publishers to automatically track whether their sites have eligible recommended ads or not. Sign in to your AdSense account and under the Home tab, you will find the Scorecard icon section. Revenue Optimization icon Shows the usage rate of the recommended ad sizes on your site. Based on your rankings, you can take corrective action to replace the recommended ads on your site and your AdSense rankings will be adjusted accordingly within a week.

In addition to using the recommended ad sizes, it is also recommended that you use the appropriate ad styles. Use the experimental feature in your AdSense account to try out different styles and choose the best performer.

Make sure your ads are placed in the right places on your page depending on the layout to increase your revenue.

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