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How much money will I receive from AdSense?

money will I receive from AdSense Every day, millions of people read or search the web for information on how to make money from your online content using Google AdSense. Also, there are a similar number of people who are looking for how much money will I make with AdSense? Perhaps you have a site that already hosts AdSense ads, or you’re building a new site and looking for opportunities to monetize it. In any case, here we provide some facts and check the factors needed to generate the desired AdSense income.

Fake online data

The first and most important thing to understand after getting AdSense approved is to be honest and set the right expectations. Check out the Google image search result for the keyword “AdSense Verification” showing as many validations as validations to attract users.


Follow the guidelines below as a general rule of thumb:

  • Most of the sites and images presented are fake. Attempts to recruit these fake companies to increase your AdSense earnings will result in your account being banned immediately.
  • Trust me, the world’s most popular search company has enough mechanisms to detect fraudulent clicks to protect the advertiser’s money.
  • Honesty is the best policy and follow it when trying to make money online.
  • Although there is no rule here, usually AdSense publishers do not release information about their earnings, especially copies of pay stubs.

Factors Affecting AdSense Revenue


How much you can earn on Google AdSense depends on two simple factors – traffic and the theme of your site.

Traffic vs Revenue

Think about how many times you have clicked on online ads on the sites you browse the web? Chances are you’ve never done it or never remember. Google has a metric called “click through rate” or CTR to show you what percentage of people actually click on ads on your site.

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CTR = (number of clicks / number of impressions) * 100

In general, the CTR of the site is about 0.01 (1%), which means that 1 out of every 100 users clicks on an ad, which can vary greatly depending on the topic of your site.

Theme of your website – Keywords

Cost Per Click or CPC shows the amount paid by Google for one click. The range varies from a few cents to a few dollars. On average, we can keep this CPC at $0.5 and in most cases it will be even lower.

For example, an e-commerce site will obviously have a lot of financial ads with a high CPC, while a recipe site might have ads with a lower CPC.

How much can I really earn?

Don’t be distracted by the hefty images of AdSense checks and fake stories about people making over a thousand dollars a month from AdSense. In fact, AdSense or any other PPC program is like a tree where you have to plant a seed and water it for many years before tasting the fruit. Understand how much traffic you are getting and what is the average CPC on your site. Use the tool below to find out how much total income you can earn per day:

How much money will I receive from AdSense?Is it possible to earn $1,000 per month with AdSense?

Let’s discuss this with an example:

  • Your expected total income or monthly income is 1$,000.
  • Estimated daily income – 1000/30 = $35
  • The average CPC is $0.5.
  • Average CTR – 0.01 (1%)


To make $1,000 per month, you need to have a website with 7,000 page impressions per day. Does it look unreal? We don’t think. There are a lot of sites out there that have more than this amount of traffic, CPC and CTR, which basically means they are definitely making a solid income. If you have a website with 1 million page views per month, you can earn roughly $5,000 per month. What’s more, once approved, you can advertise on any number of sites that adhere to the AdSense policy.

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But for a single publisher with a single site with limited traffic, this is an unrealistic amount in the beginning. As the years go by, with the increase in traffic due to the increase in the number of articles on your site, AdSense revenues will also start to improve significantly. It can take more than 5 years for an individual publisher to build a site that gets 1 million impressions per month. So, it doesn’t matter how many pennies you get today, it’s important to follow the AdSense guidelines, have an online presence for years, and keep updating content to reach your profit target.

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