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All in One SEO Pack plugin overview

All in One SEO Pack plugin Although WordPress is built with robust blogging features and has recently evolved into a content management system (CMS), it lags behind the built-in SEO capabilities such as automatic sitemap, robots.txt editor, etc. Since the nature of a self-hosted WordPress site requires basic ability to edit root files like .htaccess, you need to look for a packaged plugin with all SEO needs. The All in One SEO plugin offers most of the SEO features you need under one roof, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress repository with over 15 million downloads.

All features of the All in One SEO plugin are divided into three sections:

  • General settings
  • Performance
  • Feature Manager

We will discuss in detail the various features described in each section.

General SEO settings

This section is full of features and we will cover the most essential for all site owners in general.

Canonical URLs

Because www and non-www sites are treated by Google as two different sites, setting up a site-level 301 redirect is necessary to avoid any penalty due to the duplication problem. Enabling “Canonical URL” will set up an automatic redirect for your entire WordPress installation with a single click.

All in One SEO – General Settings

Use original titles

Enable this option if any other plugin on your site is interfering with the title tag generated by the All in One SEO plugin.

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Home page and keyword settings

Set up the title, meta description, and keywords for your homepage in the Homepage Settings section, and enable or disable meta keywords in the Keyword Settings section.

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SEO settings for homepage and keywords
SEO settings for homepage and keywords

Header settings

If you’re always wondering how people show different types of header separators when displayed on search results pages and browser tabs, then the answer is here.

SEO Header Settings for WordPress
SEO Header Settings for WordPress

Check the “Rewrite Headers” option to display the title tag in the format you choose, available under this option. For example, if you can enter “% post_title% <% blog_title%” in “Post Title Format” to separate the post title and blog title with “<” character.

Verification, tracking and authorship by Google

All in One SEO Pack plugin makes it very easy to validate your site with Google and Bing webmaster tools along with Pinterest verification. Just paste the verification code and save your changes to verify your site.

In the same way, you can add the Google Analytics tracking code to your site and connect to Google Analytics.

Validation, tracking analytics and Google authoring
Validation, tracking analytics and Google authoring

Another important setting available is to add authorship to your site with a Google+ profile so that the author’s name appears on search results pages.

Noindex and advanced settings

Use these settings to tell search engines not to index the selected taxonomies and to exclude pages from the All in One SEO plugin.

System performance and health

Here you can set performance-related options such as increasing PHP memory limit and runtime, as well as system and plugin status.

System performance and health
System performance and health

Feature Manager

This is a set of additional features that you can enable or disable independently of other settings.

Features manager in All in One SEO plugin
Features manager in All in One SEO plugin

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XML sitemap

This one of the most important features allows you to create an XML sitemap to submit to a search engine. The Sitemap format will be similar to “” which you can submit to Google and other search engines. This is a simple sitemap compared to the sitemap index file created in the Yoast SEO plugin. The priority and frequency of change are automatically determined by the plugin. We can also expect a Video Sitemap from All in One SEO coming soon.

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Activating the robots.txt function will activate the additional menu “All in One SEO > Robots.txt”. Here you can view the existing robots.txt file, add additional rules, and optimize for standardization.

Viewing, modifying and optimizing the Robots.txt file
Viewing, modifying and optimizing the Robots.txt file

File editor

The file editor allows you to edit robots.txt and .htaccess files from the WordPress admin panel. Enabling this feature will also add an additional menu to the sidebar.

All in One SEO File Editor
All in One SEO File Editor

All in One SEO Pack Plugin Review for WordPress

WordPress All in One SEO Plugin

Product Name: All in One SEO Pack

Product Description: All in One SEO Pack is one of the popular WordPress plugins to optimize your site for search engines and improve your Google rankings.

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All in all, the All in One SEO plugin provides a powerful package of SEO capabilities to optimize your WordPress site for search engines. However, more features need to be added to the plugin such as breadcrumb, bulk processing, page level checks.


  • Powerful SEO Pugin.
  • A good alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin.


  • Add lots of metadata to database, check post metadata size when using SEO plugins.

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